Pokémon - Season 5 Episode 37 : Wish Upon a Star Shape (2020)

Pokémon - Season 5 Episode 37 : Wish Upon a Star Shape (2020)

Ash, Misty, and Brock are traveling along when they notice a strange shape falling from the sky. They run in to investigate, but soon realized that they were not the only witnesses of this event. Two representatives of an organization devoted to uncovering secrets of the Pokémon world arrive just as our heroes discover that the mysterious falling object was a Cleffa. Though these two Pokémon buffs seem a bit eccentric, Ash and friends share their interest in discovering from whence this Pokémon had come, and so they join forces in investigating a mystery that may shed light even on the very origins of Pokémon life on their planet.

Networks:TV Tokyo

Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Casts: Rica Matsumoto, Ikue Otani, Unsho Ishizuka, Daiki Yamashita

Last Air Date: Mar 29, 2020

Quality: HD

IMDb:6.7 (294 Vote)

Release: Jan 01, 1970

View: 294